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#WhoMadeMyClothes - Somerton Park Superfine Merino Stud

30 April 2017

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The last week of April kicks off Fashion Revolutions ‘Who Made My Clothes’ Week. The one week yearly that encourages consumers to ask fashion brands, who made my clothes. The consumers then hope for the response from these brands to find out who was behind their clothing item. 

Hawes & Freer are taking part in this global campaign, to showcase NZ designers. Who are the people in the NZ fashion industry? What is their background and do they value the importance of NZ made clothes as much as other Kiwis do? 

We have the answers. New Zealand meet the people behind your NZ made clothes.

Isobel Somerton-Smythe - Somerton Park Superfine Merino Stud

What is Somerton Park Superfine Merino Stud? 

Somerton Park Superfine Merino Stud in New Zealand produces the finest naturally grown wool in the world. We run 3,000 pure Saxon Merino sheep outside on open green native pastures. Our micron range is from 11 to 14 microns and our wool is used to make high end ultra-fine luxurious fabrics. 

How has technology helped with the welfare of your animals?

Animal welfare is very important to us, so great care is taken regarding the health and wellbeing of each animal. Over the 30 years that we have been breeding ultra-fine merinos ,science and technology has helped provide statistical and performance information for individual animals, which has made breeding for selective traits easier. 

Do you think people should be more aware of where there clothes are coming from?

Education and information about the supply chain for the customer purchasing the end product should be of interest to them.

Isobel Somerton-Smythe

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